Saint-Malo / Québec: a story of friendship

Mayor of Saint-Malo
President of
Saint-Malo Agglomération
Past-president of the Network

Situated as it is on the coast, Saint-Malo has birthed adventurers of all stripes – explorers like Jacques Cartier who opened up the route between our city and Gaspé in Quebec, as well as scientists, philosophers, doctors, politicians, writers and poets. Their discoveries, exploits and affirmations have left us an enduring legacy. Could it be that there’s something in the DNA of Saint-Malo families?
Today, new globe-trotters are exploring new frontiers, being entrepreneurial, networking, and forging friendships – and Si tous les ports du monde is a wonderful example of this in action.
After a great year under the Quebec presidency, the network will be passing under the aegis first of Genoa, then Abidjan, with our new torchbearers further contributing to its expansion.

Mr Daniel CÔTÉ
Mayor of Gaspé
President of the Network

Dear members,
I have been most honoured to take over the presidency of the network Si tous les ports du monde for this year 2016. The bonds uniting the two towns, Gaspé and Saint-Malo, date back to 1534, the year when Jacques Cartier travelled across the two continents for the first time.
Next July, our town will be most pleased to host the General Meeting of our Network. Relatively small in terms of population, Gaspé boasts a rich culture as well as a dynamic economy, with a focus on innovation, wind power, ocean resources and tourism. During this event, you will be able to discover very soon the charm of Land’s end.