• providing opportunities for young talents in the various activity sectors,
  • sharing the development of common projects.

The Network has established 5 main working committees and will focus on the fields of culture, cultural/business tourism, biotechnologies, sustainable development and sports.

A few examples of activities


There are a number of cultural events organized in the different cities of the Network which gives events an international perspective. (Paganini Festival in Glasgow, Scottish Ensemble, Trio of Genoa, Ko & Josephine, Patio Andaluz…).
There are also examples of further events such as the master-class in singing by musicians from Genoa and Glasgow music schools, exchanges between orchestras, conference (Three cultures in Andalousia, the Auld Alliance…).
Gastronomy is another area of potential joint working with the organization of European themed cooking events such as “Si Tous Les Cuisiniers du Monde..” with Olivier Roellinger.


Partnership with Trophée Voile Inter-Entreprises/Haute-Bretagne organized by Etoile Marine Croisières.


The network gives the opportunity to develop cultural and business tourism with Convention Bureaus, Tourist Offices and members of the Network.
For example promotion of the port cities with Saint-Malo City in Paris -Montparnasse and also during the sailing race (Transat AG2R) from Concarneau to Saint-Barthelemy.


Opportunity to make contacts and build relations between companies and institutions who are involved in this area of work: Veolia, Danfoss/Delage, Sofisme. Recent examples of this were missions to Glasgow, Sonderborg, Ille-et-Vilaine…


Knowledge sharing and exchange of experience opportunities, in the area of marine biotechnologies. (Thanks to the Network, Nexxus, the Scottish scientific body, which took part in events organized by the Technopole Rennes Atalante Saint -Malo. They also signed a partnership agreement with C Ris Pharma, a Saint-Malo based company).


The local, national and international media are associated to all our activities. The network has created a club of European Journalists who report on the various projects and missions and write articles in the press. (e.g. missions to Guadeloupe (2006), Japan (2007), Denmark (2008), Marseilles (2009)).