Charter of the Network




Could it be that a life spent gazing out to sea and into the distant
horizon, stirs a natural curiosity to want to know what lies beyond?
Could it be that those of us who dwell at the edge of oceans develop
a natural desire to want to explore the unknown?
Today, when most of the land on this planet has already been charted,
how can man’s natural urge to explore continue to be fulfilled ?
One such way is the exploration, not of other land, but of other cultures,
other knowledge and other human experiences…
The Network Si tous les ports du monde was created from the desire
to discover as much as we can about each other around the world.
But the sea serves all of us, not just those living by her shores.
The need to know what lies beyond the horizon is as strongly present
in those of us who never gaze at the open blue as it is to those of us
who wake up to its vast presence every day.
Let’s not forget that ports serve entire regions.
Our ambitions are as far-reaching as the sea itself, and our enterprise,
full of hope and anticipation.